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How It Works

To purchase any product from this site, please follow these five steps:

Step One: Add To Cart

Click the Add To Cart button after you've read a written sales letter. Note that if you are watching a video salesletter, then the add to cart button may appear after a delay (so that it appears when it is mentioned in the video).

To make this happen, you may have to refresh your page. If this is true, it will be displayed by refreshing the page.

Step Two: Decide whether you would like to accept additional offers

Sometimes you'll find an interstitial orders page. Here, you have the option to join the program. You can then decide whether you wish to add it to your order if it is available.

Step Three: Enter your payment details

Place your credit card and email address to order the product

Step Four: Select any additional upgrades

Although it is not necessary, you may be offered additional upgrades to your purchase.

Step Five: You can access your purchase

You will have instant online access and will be emailed the password to access the members area. It is possible that your login information has gone to spam. In such cases, we recommend that your email be dragged to your inbox so you can whitelist future emails.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Members have access to the book via Kindle, Apple ibooks and PDF. You can also download the audio version of the book. This is an easy to access online purchase.

We look forward for your success stories in future!

How It Works